Seller Listing Process:

We can have you active in the MLS within 2 days after your order is placed as long as all completed forms, payment, and photos have been received. Your forms will be emailed to you after you make your payment. Your listing term begins on the date you put on the listing agreement (not the date you pay). Professional photography can cause a delay in the listing process.
For the $500 package, no, you send us up to 36 photos via email. If you want professional photography we can refer you to a photographer. It can take a few days to schedule, shoot, and receive photos from the photographer. If you want to get your listing active as soon as possible, you may send us pictures and we can change them out with the professional pictures when we receive them. While professional photography can cause a delay, photos are very important in creating interest in your property and we find it is money very well spent. Professional pictures usually cost $150-$200. For the $1200 or $3000 package we schedule a professional photographer.
Yes, you can cancel with us at any time for no fee, unless your home is already under contract. Any paid up front fees are non-refundable.
We need our listing agreement signed, a signed seller’s disclosure notice and the information about your home packet completely filled in. Once you place your order we will email these to you for your review and signatures. If you have any questions, give us a call.
  • Listing on the MLS — all the marketing you need! Also filters to other property search sites (zillow, trulia, realtor.com etc).
  • Priced correctly — this is the biggest factor in selling your home.
  • Great pictures — gives the first impression to a buyer. Professional photography is money well spent.
  • Easy Access — use a Realtor key box and Centralized Showing Service (CSS)
  • Offer 3% Buyer Agent Commission (BAC)
  • Realtor Yard Sign — Do not use a for sale by owner sign as it can attract the wrong type of buyer or realtors looking for a listing.
  • The 3 D’s approach — depersonalize, de-clutter and deep clean your home so it shows well!
  • Answer your phone and respond quickly to voicemails and emails.

General Questions For Sale by Owner

-When we list your home on the MLS you are agreeing to pay a BAC. The standard BAC is 3%. You can pay less than 3% but anything under that can slow the home selling process down as some agents could choose not to show your home. No showings means no offers. -When a buyer calls us about your property, and does not wish to work with an agent, we send them directly to you. So there is a possibility of having a buyer work directly with you and then the BAC would not need to be paid!
-If a buyer comes directly to you then you receive the offer. -Your contact information is in the MLS under private remarks. It does not filter to all internet sites, but is only in the MLS for a buyer agent to contact you with questions. They can send the offer directly to you, but they must also send us a copy of it. If the offer is sent to us, we will forward it to you. Whichever listing package you choose depends on our involvement through the rest of the process.
The majority of buyers work with an agent. Real estate agents get their information from the MLS. Third party sites like Zillow and Trulia have too much misleading information. If you want to sell your home quickly then you want it on the MLS where the information is clear and accurate for an agent to pass along to their buyer. Also, an agent is hesitant to work with a For Sale By Owner or someone not listed on the MLS because the realtor is unsure if they will be compensated for bringing a buyer. When your home is listed on the MLS it is stated clearly what their commission will be.
-It is a large blue box, also called a Supra, that holds the key to unlock your door. – You want an electronic key box because 1) You don’t have to be there to open the door. It leaves a better impression upon the buyer when the seller is not present during showings or to open the door. 2) The only person who can open this key box is a realtor. It provides more security and control over who is allowed in to your home. The box cannot be opened before 7am or after 9pm. 3) The easier it is for an agent to access your home the more willing they are to show. Showings lead to offers!
We are the Broker/Owners of Unbundle Realty and we only split our commission with our 5 children!! We offer all the service, representation, skills and enthusiasm at a price that is a win for you and for us!

General Buyer Questions:

  1. Pre-qualification
  2. Initial/Conditional Underwriting Approval
  3. Final Loan Approval/ “Clear to Close”
  4. Closing
For loan FAQ and for our preferred lender contact info, click here.
New build homes can be seen by the sales agent at the model home. Just give them our name and number at the first meeting and let us know what builder you’re buying from. You’re main point of contact will be the sales agent for builder walk through scheduling, timeframe for closing, choosing finishes, etc. We are still here to answer all of your questions and help you through the process. New home builders budget a 3% realtor commission in to their pricing. They do not give any rebates or discounts of that 3% commission to a buyer not using an agent. The sales agent gets paid the same amount whether or not you have a realtor. It makes sense to use Unbundle Realty as your agent so you can get 1.5% of that commission at closing! Existing homes can be seen a few different ways.
  1. The listing agent – this is the quickest way to see the home. The listing agent wants to sell the home so they are happy to show it to potential buyers! They might ask you to sign a buyer representation agreement with them. Don’t sign anything! Once, you find the home you do want, let us know so we can represent you through the process and split the commission with you!
  2. Open houses – this is the most pressure free way to see the home. There might be other potential buyers in and out so you can have more of a limited conversation with the agent. Again, don’t sign anything! Open house dates and times are listed in the MLS and other property search sites.
  3. We can show you the home – this would always be our first option. However, because of the large geographical area that our MLS covers, it may be harder for both of our schedules to line up to see the home quickly.
How buyers find a home has changed a lot in the recent years. A buyer can find the home they want to purchase on the internet and they have already been pre-qualified with a lender. We usually meet the buyer when they are ready to write an offer. We are able to give up to 1.5% cash back to the buyer because they have already done some of the work. Essentially, we are paying you for finding the home you want and being prepared to write an offer, which most buyers do anyway!
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