Home Buyer Rebate Program

With major property search sites like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Redfin, etc. the home finding process has changed!

Buyers can find a home online and know almost all there is to know about it before they even make an appointment to go see it.

That’s why we created the Home Buyer Rebate Program!

Basically, we pay you cash at closing for doing a little bit of homework on your own!


Here’s how it works!

To qualify for 1.5% of the purchase price back at closing you must:

1)    Have a pre-approval letter from a lender

2)    Choose your favorite 5 homes to see

3)    Be prepared to submit an offer

  • Have earnest money, inspection money, current home under contract, etc.

4)    Close on the home (obviously!!)


It really is that simple!

Email us your pre-approval, choose your 5 favorite homes to see, we show you in one day/visit, submit an offer, get under contract and close on the home!

We wire the rebate directly to your account or bring a check at closing!!


*This is based on a 3% buyer agent commission (BAC). Broker must get a minimum of 1.5%.

If BAC is less than 3%, then the rebate would be less also.

Example: 2.5% BAC then Broker gets 1.5% and buyer gets 1%.

** If a second day/visit is needed to look at additional homes the rebate is reduced to 1%.

***If a third day/visit is needed to look at additional homes the rebate is forfeited.

How much will you get back when you buy with us?
For a home value of $500000

Traditional 6% Agent:

Their commission: $15000
Your Cash Back: 0

Unbundle Realty:

Our commission: $7500
Your cash back: $7500
*Based on 3% BAC

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