Our Story

We were in a workshop learning how to overcome seller objectives. The speaker was teaching us how to raise and lower our voices and sneak in commands that would persuade the seller to pay us 6% commission, 3% for the buyer agent and 3% for us, the listing agent. As the room full of agents began throwing their hands down and practicing their new found tricks to win the seller over, we just looked at each other smiling! This was not the kind of agent we have ever been or ever wanted to be. Why would a seller ever object to anything if they truly felt like we were there to help them sell their home? Why would we need to sneak in commands and learn body language and voice control techniques to prove we were worth 6%? The bottom line is the seller worked hard for that equity in their home and we shouldn’t be trying to take that away from them, we should be trying to help them capture more of it!

Unbundle Realty was born in that room that day. We left that meeting and haven’t looked back. We’re looking forward to what real estate should be: saving sellers thousands of dollars! Offering buyers a program where they can get up to $2000 back at closing. Unbundle Realty is moving out of the traditional dark ages of 6% agent commission. We are providing untraditional, uncomplicated, unbelievable real estate services at a price that is a win for you and for us!

We cannot wait to work with you!

Jordan and Charissa Taylor



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