How much will you save when you sell with us?
For a home value of $500000
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Traditional 6% Agent:

3% to listing agent:
3% to buyers agent:
Your total cost:

Unbundle Realty:

Our fee: $1200
3% to buyers agent:
Your total cost:

How much will you get when you buy with us?
For a home value of $500000
Drag the slider to see your savings

Traditional 6% Agent:

Their commission:
Your Cash Back:

Unbundle Realty:

Our commission:
Your cash back:
*Based on 3% BAC
List your home for as little as $500!
Get up to 1.5% cash back at closing!

Why Unbundle Realty Is Better than Other Real Estate Brokers

We offer all the same services as a traditional 6% agent without all the high costs.
We are redefining real estate by making it untraditional, uncomplicated and unbelievable!

We Sell Your
Home Faster

By taking away the 3% listing fee you can be more flexible on your price. Price is the biggest factor in getting your home sold fast!

We Give You
All the Tools

We provide access to all the tools you need to sell your home and keep more of your money.

We're Here if
You Need us

We are a full service company! If you need us we'll be with you every step of the way!

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6% agent vs Unbundle Realty

We have unbundled the services you get with a traditional 6% agent. You get the freedom to choose and only pay for the services you need! Ready to sell with us?

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Jordan and Charissa have helped us buy and sell a home. Not only are they very professional and knowledgeable they are very personable and listened to our needs and wants and did their very best to find a home that we would love.
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Charissa made buying our first home SO painless! She definitely exceeded our expectations in what I thought a realtor should be. She paid attention to what we wanted and found EXACTLY what we were looking for - which is amazing
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Charissa made the process for us as first time home buyers much more enjoyable. She helped us with every decision from offer price to dealing with lender issues and how to negotiate when our home didn’t appraise. She was clear in
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